Will or Skill?

Maybe you have heard this phrase – “Will or skill?”  It is used when trying to determine whether a person is choosing to not do something or whether they are not doing the action because they don’t know how.


I have been thinking about this because we have a cat who has a habit we find unusual (crazy?!?).  When she uses the litter box, she is careful to do the “business” inside the box.  But when she is done, instead of pawing at the litter to cover the “job,” she bats at the sides of the litter box, never hitting the litter at all.  Therefore, the “job” does not get covered.  Needless to say, we have to monitor the litter box carefully to avoid a smelly incident lasting a while.


I should also note that she doesn’t bat at the sides a couple of times and stop.  Oh, no.  She has been known to bat at the sides of the litter box for many minutes, making enough noise for one of us to hear her – which I guess is a good thing, since we can then get to the litter box and clean it out. 


This behavior has let us know that she has the WILL to cover her “job.”  She just doesn’t have the learned SKILL.  Since this cat came to us as a tiny kitten, we assume that she lost her mother before she could be taught how to properly cover her business with whatever was available.  


I am thinking about that as I see the children come to Summer Sunday School or those children who will be coming to Vacation Bible School.  We know that children have the enthusiasm and energy to do great things and to learn many things.  They have the WILL.    Our job is to be sure that they have the SKILL – that is that they know what it means to know God, to know Jesus, to know about faith and worship and the Golden Rule.   We know that the Holy Spirit can work through our efforts to grow this "skill" in the wonderful children in our care.


What a privilege to work with the children!  If you would like to help (help can come in many forms), speak with one of the Coordinators of our Children or our Youth. 


(P.S.  We have another cat who, when he hears the sound of the batting in the litter box, will sometimes come and use the litter to cover up the job for her.  Maybe he can somehow teach her how to do this task.  But even if he can’t, he is still choosing to help her.  Isn’t that inspiring?!?)